10 Tips for Small Business Holiday Prep


You can’t do everything by yourself. A boost in sales during the holiday shopping season means there’s ever more work to be done, more products to ship, more customers to interact with, and a greater chance for something to go wrong. That means it behooves you to hire staff.

Whether it’s a temporary worker, a part-timer, seasonal full-timers, or a permanent addition to the team, adding bodies to the staff of a busy small business makes everyone’s life easier. Business owners are able to focus on strategic-level work instead of the minutiae of sending packages or ringing up customers. And those customers, particularly in a brick-and-mortar store, are getting excellent customer service from a team able to keep their eyes on customers throughout the space.

Having a big enough team also means you don’t have to overwork the team you’ve already got. Adding part-timers means your long-time staff is able to take time off during the holidays to see family, do their own holiday shopping, and keep themselves rested so that when they do come into work, they’re bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to get stuff done.

But it isn’t just sales associates you can hire for the holidays. Maybe you bring in a temporary IT specialist as your online sales see a big boost. Maybe you hire a marketing specialist to oversee the implementation of your holiday marketing plan. Some small businesses might want to consider a web developer or designer to optimize their websites and boost sales that way.

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