The Puzzle of Risk Versus Reward

The Puzzle of Risk Versus Reward

“Oh no!” – you might say. “Not another bill!”

But this bill, to put it very simply, could help you to cancel out some other bills down the line, and give you better options in your struggle to wrestle with continual debt.

It’s all about risk versus reward. Nobody really wants to spend $100 on something and not get anything in return, but if it ends up saving you thousands of dollars over the next couple of years, most of us would tend to feel a lot better about that.

So let’s talk about how building credit helps your financial situation.

Many of those who come to us with credit problems have relied on credit over the years to help them into a higher quality of life in terms of their cost of living.

You might drive newer and lower mileage cars, live in a bigger house, or have better educational options for your children. Credit can absolutely be a useful tool in your financial strategy, but only if it’s used properly. Credit problems show how the use of credit can harm someone financially, and lead to various problems with debt loads.

When you repair your credit, you get access to better interest rates for additional lending. You can also work toward debt consolidation that can lower your monthly bills significantly. But all of that relies on your credit – your credit score and your credit history, and how you deal with this permanent record. After all, your credit was what got you into the original loans in the first place.

Credit Repair for a Low Cost

At Bay State Credit, you start out with a credit audit, which involves a fee of $197. If that sounds like a lot, balance it against future savings in paying off creditors with agreements set at wild amounts of interest. For example, in your mortgage loan, you’re likely to pay up to one third or more of your total monthly payment in interest on the property, and a good credit score changes that equation significantly.

Then there’s a $97 monthly fee for our credit repair services – here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited credit bureau disputes
  • Unlimited creditor disputes
  • Email notifications
  • 24/7 online support

Again, it’s about that balance of risk versus reward. The risk is the money you put down – it’s not actually risk; it’s just a capital expense on your budget. The reward, then, is the money that you’ll save elsewhere in your budget when you have improved your credit and strengthened your hand in terms of dealing with lenders and creditors.

The bottom line is that those who carry debt often pay a lot of money in interest, but there is some ambiguity in how you can lower those interest payments. Even in times like these where interest rates are artificially low, credit improvement and debt consolidation still work in your favor.

Call Bay State Credit and we’ll explain your options and how this works. You can also go online and look at some of the common questions that we get from first-timers. We’re excited about helping you to improve your credit and reach your financial goals.

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