Which Small Business Website Platform Should You Use in 2023?


Main Draws:

WordPress is a juggernaut. According to Hubspot, over 43% of all websites on the internet are run on WordPress, and that number reportedly grows year after year. If you’re planning to use a blog for your website, WordPress is even more powerful: over 63% of websites with a CMS (content management system) use WordPress. That level of ubiquity allows WordPress to offer website plans inspired by businesses in your industry, domain hosting, email services, SEO tools, and more.

WordPress is also open-source, so there are thousands upon thousands of plug-ins available to make your website into exactly what you need it to be. There are plug-ins for creating contact forms, SEO reports, pop-up notifications, email marketing, and nearly anything else.

Designing on WordPress is simple (and there are plug-ins to help make it even easier), whether you’re looking to build on one of their many templates, or build something of your own. This is another reason WordPress’s popularity works in its favor: there are designers everywhere who have experience working with WordPress.


WordPress’s open-source nature is also one of its larger drawbacks. That’s because to get the most out of your website, you’ll probably need to have some degree of technical skill or hire someone who does. That doesn’t just go for designing the site’s look – you may also need to do some programming on the back end.


Tiers start at $4 per month for a simple personal site. If you’re a freelancer, there’s a tier at $8 per month with payment collection, chat support, video upload, and additional themes. To access advanced SEO tools, international payments, premium designs, and more, you’ll want to go with the $25 per month Business tier or the $45 per month eCommerce tier.

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